Sprites! July 14, 2004

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Sprite image On July 14, strong thunderstorms moved across the greater Virginia Beach area and produced some sprite activity. These images were shot from Kitty Hawk North Carolina looking North placing both sprites over the ocean.

The Video Camera used was a Sony TRV-740 Digital 8 Handycam, with super night shot turned on. Super night shot on this camera provides around 4 video frames per second which are similar to integrated time exposures. The camera's field of view was set to the widest possible field, or zoomed out because the lightning activity was occurring over a wide area. "Clear sky" conditions existed over the storm making sprite observations and imaging possible.

Sprite 1 Image - Animated GIF
Sprite 2 Image - Animated GIF

Anti-crepuscular rays Image
"Anti-crepuscular rays" earlier that evening

Photograph of a sprite from 1997