Aldeberan Occultation 9-12-98

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09/12/98 ~ 03:16 - 03:44 AM EST
Occultation begins 138 Kb animated GIF
Occultation ends 133 Kb animated GIF
The above image files were created with 9 frames each, captured at a rate of 30 frames per second. Note the roiling atmosphere.

The occultation begins...

The occultation ends...
Some images that show the brightening of Aldebaran, as it emerges from behind the Moon. This brightening spans some 10 frames or so, nearly 333ms or 1/3 of a second.

The equipment used was an 8" f/6 Orion Dob on an equitorial mount using a Topica camera and a 10mm eyepiece, view. These frames were captured from tape into an an AVI file at 30 fps using YUV-6 compression.

The atmosphere onfy was turbulant and thin clouds were wafting by although ath the time of re-apearance, there were no clouds near the moon. We were fortunate to have a small hole to shoot thru!!!