April 96 Observations

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I have not been keeping up with posting my observations. Too much to do, too much work, lots of comet, too little time...GV 4/13/96
04/13/96 8:45PM - 11:00PM
Could not locate C/1996B1. Hyakutake was low in Perseus, 25 degrees off the horizon. M1=2.8 or so. The coma was very pointed like an arrow compared to its recent round broad appearence. The tail is very broad at 1 1/2 degrees from the coma. Did the annual tour of the Virgo cluster of galaxies. Looked at the Black-Eye galaxy for quite some time at 96,167,334 X. The dark obstructing lane was easily visible. Did some visual spectroscopy on Hyakutake and several stars. Got the spectrascope incorporated into the focal plane of the 8". Works great. Takes a minute to set up. This is the working one.....
Made several observations of Hyakutake between 4/3 and 4/13 not mentioned here...
04/03/96 7:15PM
Observed the Lunar Eclipse. What a sight. The border from dark to light on the moon thru the 8" was extremely defined. The colors of the darkened portion renged from orange maroon to green. Yes, green. The lighter portion in the penumbra displayed some very dark markings and the detail appeared very strange. Took a few photos at 300mm.