April 98 Observations

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04/28/97 ~10:00 PM EST

Imaged sn1998aq in NGC 3982. 10 second 8" f/6

A few images combined...

04/12/97 ~9:00 PM EST

Observed sn1998S in NGC3877. Used 48X, 96X and 144X. The supernova is hovering close to magnitude 12.0.

04/11/97 ~9:00 PM EST

Imaged the moon with the Topica camera, thru the 8" at prime focus try. The camera does real well. The moon was very close to full and the background light was...well...bad :( Since I've never done this before, I just thought I would.

04/02/97 ~8:00 PM EST
Observed SN1998S in NGC3877. Took several 15 second images. Still working on getting the camera set up as best as possible. I think its time to get on of those Starlight Express cameras.
As one can see, a non cooled camera can't go very deep. I have 50 or 60 images to co-add and may post a better one. The images below are 15 second exposures using an EDC-1000 CCD at prime focus of my 8" Dob mounted on the equi-dob mount. The smaller top image is a combination of 3 images. Tracking was good!

04/01/97 ~8:00 PM EST
Video taped a very impressive lightning storm, looking for sprites and jets. I have not yet found any on the tape or PC but I have a few impressive lightning bolts here! I captured 6 AVI files at 30 fps of 6 separate major strikes. They are utterly impressive. The images on my new lightning page represent only one frame from each.