August 2002 Observations

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Images from the Perseid Meteor Shower - August 11, 12 & 13, 2002

Meteor tracker image of a Perseid meteor.

"Meteor Tracker" images of Perseid Meteors.

Meteor Tracker images, 6x4 degree field of view
Montage of 2002 Perseid Meteors
Another Perseid meteor close-up
Integration of 4 video fields. - A single field.
(from slow motion movie below)

Slow motion movie from the site field camera of a Perseid lighting up near the radiant:
379 Kb RealMedia - 564 Kb MPG

Wide Field Camera Videos, 75 degree FOV
1.1 Mb RealMedia Video from Early Aug 11.
Two bright meteors
427 Kb RealMedia Video - 1 Mb MPG Video
Two More
778 Kb RealMedia Video - 1.7 Mb MPG Video

Image of transverse jets-like structure in meteor.
Transverse jet-like structure

Image of Perseid Meteor
A Perseid burns up - August 12, 2002