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November 7, 2004

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Aurora Image

aurora Image Aurora!
October 30, 2003

Aurora imaged October 30, 2003 from
Mount Airy Maryland.

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September 17, 2000 08:30 EDT(00:30 UT) Aurora!

April 7, 2000 00:10 UT

Aurora outbreak! Before full dark, 8:10 EDT (00:10 UT) these aurora were visible, bright and sometimes Beet-Red in color. All auroras were red with the spikes or spears with the exception of a single bright yellow-greenish aurora sitting above the other red rays, which lasted onl a few minutes.

Unfortunately, I had the camera set to Black and White.

The picture titled "Strange Blotches" has strange round blotches in the aurora.

Moon and planets Looking West
Moon and planets Looking West
Looking Due East The blotches are caused by dust on the lens.
Image Looking ENE
Image Looking ENE
Image Looking ENE
Image Looking ENE

August 6, 1998 04:53 - 05:05 AM EST
Some auroras seen and photo'd from Maryland using Pentax Spotmatic with 55mm f/1.8 lens using Kodak Gold 400...~10 second exposures :)