December 2007 Observations

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853 second image

Comet Tuttle is displaying a lawn-sprinkler shape as our vantage point is just right to see it face on, much like a spiral galaxy. It is difficult to see in normal images. The image on the right was derived by taking the difference of two images that were taken a couple of hours apart.

Image showing comet Tuttle's Rotation
Dec 31, 2007 Image showing Tuttle's rotation

December 18, 2007 01:08:41UT Lunar Impact confirmed by MSFC.
Image of Confirmed Lunar Impact Dec 18, 2007
Confirmed Lunar Impact!
December 18, 2007, 01:08:41UT

Full Image This impact was very dim for my setup. See the arrow pointing to the faint speck in the cropped image on the left.

Although I'm not sure, this was possibly picked up in four telescopes; two in Huntsville Al, one in Georgia and this one located in Maryland.

NASA - Lunar Impact Monitoring

Lunar impact candidates

December 18, 2007

00:38:31 Animated GIF 852Kb

00:38:31 2 frames, 3 fields, bright

Confirmed! 01:08:41 1 1 frame, 2 fields, very dim Image

02:13:47 1 1 frame, 2 fields, suspect cosmic ray due to antialiasing of even video field

Lunar impact candidate

December 15, 2007 00:45:52UT

I was shooting sucker holes and LunarScan coughed up this event. Both Odd and Even video fields are about the same brightness. It looks sketchy at best and the conditions were really awful. Worth reporting though...

Image of Comet Tuttle Dec 09, 2007

This image was made using a StellaCam II with a 8" f/5 Celestron reflector and focal reducer and is comprised of 20 8.53 second images (< 3 minutes total) compiled using Registax.

This Image is comprised of 94 x 8.53 second images. There appears to be brightening in PA 315 through PA 0

Images of Comet Holmes Dec 09, 2007 - Larger Image

Image of Comet Holmes Dec 09, 2007

Look at the head on this thing! - Larger Image

Image of Comet Holmes huge head, Dec 09, 2007