February 2005 Observations

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Image of a swath of contrails
Larger image of Growing Contrail swath
Expanding Contrails - Feb 27, 2005

As the planes traversed a specific area of the sky early on February 27th, the contrails sheared and expanded into a visible swath of cloud cover. I guess the temperature and humidity were "just right" in this area for explosive growth of clouds. Does this indicate significant condensation nuclei is dumped in jet exhaust? What is the impact of this unintentional man made weather modification?

Look at this Satellite Image
Contrail clutter over Georgia

Image of a sun-dog Feb 19, 2005

This is one of the best sundogs that I have seen and perhaps the tallest.

Image of a sun-dog
Image of a sun-dog February 19, 2005

Image of Comet Macholz
Wide Field Image of Comet Macholz February 1, 2005

Comet Macholz

Imaged with a Nikon CP 4300. The comet is above and to the right of center. Large Version of Image