February 96 Observations

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02/25/96 4:00 PM EST
Some great sun dogs. Fairly vivid ring that almost completely surrounded the sun. The eastern sun dog had a tail for a while. The western dog was less vivid than the east. The vivid dog at the top of the ring also had an inverted "hat" on it with blue on the inside. There also was an upper arc with blue on the inside almost at the zenith. Great display!

02/24/96 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM EST
Seeing...very good around LM 6.0, with nearing first quarter moon. Observed the Comet C/1996B1 M1=8.2 DC=3 DIA=12' using 8" Dob and 10X50 Binos. No tail observed nor a stellar nucleus. Easy object in the 10X50 Binos. Also observed the M81 group and the M65 M66 area. Spent about 1 1/2 hours on the comet. It was the first time in nearly a month that I have been able to observe (other than a quick peep through the little 60mm refractor). AHHHH it felt good!