January 96 Observations

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01/25/96 7:00-9:45 PM EST
Observed M81, M82, M31 area, M42, Moon, Venus, Double Open Cluster, NGC2903, Clusters in Auriga, starfield near Gemini. LM around 5.8 with slightly questionable atmospheric smut. Saw a mag -4 fireball. Helped a first time scope buyer first light his new 6" Orion Dob. The mirror on that new scope seems to be consistent with the quality of the optics in my 8" which is rather good, better yet killer optics!

01/21/96 7:00-8:45 PM EST
Observed M81, M82, NGC3077, M42, the Zeta Ori Flame Neb area, and M1 the Crab. Clear and steady atmosphere LM ~ 6.5. Also observed M42 with the 60mm f/6 refractor (that I now use as my finder scope and I really like the little refractor, so much so that I might now get a Pronto or a Ranger). Took a few pictures (50mm) of the thin sliver of a moon with the dazzelingly brilliant Venus in the upper left of the frame. If it is clear tonight, there should be a fairly impressive alignment of the thin crescent Moon and Venus!
01/21/96 0:00-0:45 AM EST
Observed M44, M65, M66, NGC3628, NGC2903, M100 and the NGC3190 complex of galaxies. Conditions were LM 6.0, fairly stable atmosphere with new moon (which I really like).
01/15/96 7:00-8:30 PM EST
Observed the Orion Nebula M42 M43 area, the Zeta Ori Flame Neb area, the Crab Nebula M1, Pleaides M45, and several clusters in Auriga M36, M37, M38, NGC1907. Clear and steady atmosphere LM 6.0.