January 97 Observations

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01/29/97 05:45 AM EDT
1997 Jan. 29.44 UT: ml=2.4,DC=8 ... 10x50B ...George Varros (Mt Airy, Maryland)
[Tail > 1.5 degrees. Obs not corrected.]

01/26/97 06:00 AM EDT
Got my first look of Hale-Bopp since early last December. Found it with the naked eye. It was around Mag 2 to the naked eye. In 10x50 Binos it sported a 1+ degree tail to the north. A welcome sight indeed. This may easily go brighter than Hyakutake. Next Saturday and Sunday I'll bag with the CCD at 400mm.

01/06/97 6:05 PM EDT
LM ~6.0 with good transparency and intermittent clouds rolling by. Imaged M42 and the Pleaides with the CCD and 55mm f/2 lense. Used the 8" to observe the Pleaides (M45), M81 and M82, Crab Nebula (M1), Orion Nebula (M42), Flame Nebula and Horsehead region, The Double Open Cluster in Perseus (NGC884 NGC869), and The Andromeda Galaxy (M31).