The 2001 Leonids!

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Meteor Tracker Images

Montage of single video frames from 07:42:25 UT bright Leonid meteor imaged with the Meteor Tracker. A copy of these were printed in Science News!

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RealVideos from the Meteor Tracker:

Narrow field camera images:
[07:42:25UT] [07:52:28UT]

Wide Field camera images:
815 kb Real Video of several meteors
[05:27:15UT] [06:01:19UT]
[09:40:50UT] Huge Fireball!
Animated GIF 636 kb

Wide Field shots with bad fog setting in. Jupiter is at right center of field.
[09:51:46] [09:59:57UT] [10:01:55UT]
[10:06:32UT] [10:07:53UT]

The Meteor Tracker was developed by George Varros and in part with the collaboration of Dr. Peter Jenniskens of the SETI Institute at NASA Ames Research Center and Peter Gural of SAIC.

Video frame of a bright Leonid Fireball 08:50 UT Nov 17, 2001.
Jupiter is at the top.
272 kb Real Video
684 kb Animated GIF

Leonids! November 18, 2000: 3 frames from video of a bright meteor
568 Kb Real Video of meteor in slow motion