November 95 Observations

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11/22/95 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM EST
Seeing...counted 14 members of the Pleiades with the naked eye which means visibility was down to mag 6.8. Can this be for real? Could not locate DeVico. Observed 1 blue-green Taurid mag -2 and 2 sporadics. Other objects that I Observed were M42, Pleaides, Double Open Cluster, M31 area, IC404, and the Ring Nebula.

11/21/95 6:15 PM EST
Photographed the triple conjunction of Mars, Jupiter and Venus. Then the clouds struck. Hope the picts turn out...
11/20/95 05:25 AM EST
Observed 1 meteor Leonid and 1 South Taurid before heading to work. I also observed a very bright (mag -2) Satellite that was either the STS-74 or the Mir.
11/17/95 7:00 PM EST
Observed 1 meteor that was most likely a Leonid. Then the clouds slammed the sky shut.
11/09/95 6:30 PM EST
Briefly observed the Comet DeVico. The visual magnitude was 7.0, DC=3 Coma was around 7.5 arc minutes. The tail extended to the north. After a few minutes of observing, the encroaching cloud deck removed all traces of the comet from my eyepiece. bummer
11/06/95 7:00 PM EST
Moon Dogs! Full Moon.
Partly cloudy, high cirrus clouds with a lower scattered cloud deck, jet trails out the kazoo. There was a fairly good display of moon dogs. I only saw one ring at 22.5 degrees from the moon. My brother saw several different rings, arcs and spikes. This afternoon I observed a rather brilliant sun dog. Time to keep the camera handy.