October 97 Observations

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10/30/97 8:00 PM EST
C/1997 T1 (Utsunomiya)
Observed T1 for a few minutes prior to the onslaught of thin cirrus.... Comet was positioned in a small cluster of stars (not sure if it was a cluster or dense stellar field). I was not able to do any estimates.

10/29/97 8:00 PM EST
C/1997 T1 (Utsunomiya)
1997 Oct.30.07 UT: m1=9.8, Dia.=2.0', DC=4...20cm L (48X,96X,163X,326X) ....G.Varros (Mt. Airy Maryland) [DC=3 with direct vision 48x. Brighter condensation (m1=13+) with averted vision was steady at 163X and 326x with DC=5 or 6 ]

Had a hard time pegging the condensation. With higher mags and averted vision, near stellar (point like) condensation was steadily observer. It was *very subtle* though. Atmospheric conditions were stable with LM ~ 6.0 after 1/2 hour dark adaptation. I suspect the only difference with my 10/28 (10/29UT) obs was that on 10/28 (10/29UT) we had a little atmospheric moisture perhaps diminishing the little condensation...

10/28/97 7:30 PM EST
C/1997 T1 (Utsunomiya) 1997 Oct.29.05 UT: m1=9.8, Dia.=2.0', DC=2...20cm L (48X,96X,163X,326X)....G.Varros (Mt. Airy Maryland) Condensation remained low at all magnifications. Ahhh...the return of better comet chasing weather and earlier sunsets!

Observed Venus, Jupiter and Saturn with Kimmy at 48X and 163X. One of Jupiters' moons was just coming into view after being behind Jupiter. Quite a site! Saturn really thrilled the little one! Saw t bright meteors. Brightest ~ mag -1.

10/08/97 8:00 PM EST

Observed a magnitude -5 meteor that split into two fragments. Did various imaging of C/1997T1.


Saw Mir or STS-86. Not sure which.


Saw Mir or STS-86. Not sure which or if both.


A wide field image of M31.