September 95 Observations

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Hale-Bopp 09/28/95
Hale-Bopp was detectable but extremely hard to see. There was some atmospheric smut early as the atmosphere dried out and the dew fell.
Also observed M27, M31, M32, M110, M33, M57, NGC7331 and Saturn. Photographed the North American Nebula area using a 55mm lens at f1.8. Tracking with the new homemade equidob mount was easy, and it tracks very well. The mount is ready to be hooked to the PC for auto guiding!

Hale-Bopp 09/27/95
Observed the Comet Hale-Bopp which is now very low on my WSW horizon. Only viewed the comet at 96x and could only see it using averted vision although at times of atmospheric stability, the full extent of around 3 arc minutes was indeed observed.

Hale-Bopp 09/10/95 and 09/11/95
Observed the Comet Hale-Bopp and was able to see it at 48x at 8:25pm EDT (only 3/4 dark)! Observed also at 96x, 163x, and 326x. The nucleus was not stellar although the coma was quite condensed. The tail seemed to extend to the ENE and total length seems to still be around 3 arc minutes long. The coma was real close to a faint star. This is going to be a KILLER COMET!!!