September 96 Observations

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10/01/96 5:00 -> AM EST
just to mention.... 5:00 AM EST Oct 1 C/1996 Q1 (Tabur) would be fairly easy naked eye if the Moon was not a factor. Comet Tabur is well condensed but small ~10'. Not enough time to make reliable observation.

09/30/96 8:00 -> PM EST
C/1995O1 (Hale Bopp) 1996 Oct. 1.05 UT: m1=5.6, Dia.=15', DC=8,...10x50B ...George Varros (Mt. Airy, Maryland, USA) Very condensed stellar nucleus region 40' Tail in PA~90; Tail > 1 deg in PA ~135 using 20cmL at 48X.
09/29/96 8:00 -> PM EST
Comet Hale-Bopp C/1995O1 1996 Sep. 30.05 UT: m1=5.7, Dia.=15', DC=7,...10x50B ...George Varros (Mt. Airy, MD, USA) LM~6.2 Tail to east ~40' long. Naked eye with averted vision..
09/13/96 9:00 -> PM EST
Comet Hale-Bopp C/1995O1 1996 Sep. 14.15 UT: m1=5.9, Dia.=15', DC=5.5,...10x50B ...George Varros (Mt. Airy, MD, USA) LM~6.2 Dense condensation 15' in PA 30 joining dense condensation extending 40' in PA 80 forming a tear drop shape. Two faint thread like tails both ~ 1 deg long in PA 115 and PA 150 with some condensation between, using 20cmL. Naked eye with averted vision.
The comet is somewhat dimmer than on 9/1. The thread like tails observed were impressive.
09/01/96 10:00 -> PM EST
An observation of the Comet Hale Bopp C/1995O1... 1996 Sep. 2.15 UT: m1=5.5, Dia=25.0', DC=6.5...10x50B, ... George Varros (Mt. Airy, Maryland) * 45 deg angle "Wedge shaped" tail centered on PA 115. Tail length in excess of 1 degree observed with 20cm L at 48X extending in PA 135.