September 99 Observations

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09/19/99 09:30 - 10:20 UT
Took a long look at comet Lee. The comet is around magnitude 8.5 and condensation is around 3 with the coma around 3 arc minutes in diameter. At times of steady seeing, the nucleus becomes very faintly stellar in appearance raising the condensation a bit. The coma mixes with a very diffuse anti-solar tail. An anti-tail, several arc minutes long, is visible and even more so with averted vision. This anti-tail has a central thread that is visible with diffuseness on each side. It somewhat resembles a slender feather.

Skies were clear with some high altitude stuff near the horizon. 10 Pleiades were visible very near the zenith without deep adaptation.

09/19/99 00:30 - 01:30 UT
Did some wide field CCD imaging of the Cygnus area just north of the North American nebula using a 55mm Pentax f/1.8 lens. Image is a mosaic made up of 4 images. Each mosaic image itsself is an integration of five 5 second images.