September 00 Observations

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Three 8 second exposures 09/18/2000 ( 00:43:45 - 00:44:30UT) Nikon CoolPix 950

09/17/00 00:34 UT

RealVideo of 7 second long meteor. It was pretty cool! Reached magnitude -5 or so. Imaged with 60 degree FOV Gen II image intensified camera.

Click to view Movie 476 Kb RealVideo file

09/24/00 12:10 EDT(16:10 UT) Solar projection image of huge sunspot. 80mm f/5 refractor with 25mm eyepiece projected onto computer photo paper which was held by my brother Dave. If you look closely, you'll see the paper's watermark showing through.

09/17/00 08:30 EDT(00:30 UT) Aurora!