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NASA - Lunar Impact Monitoring

NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office April (MEO) is conducting a survey of meteoroids striking the lunar surface. They are asking the amateur astronomer community to help. Please visit the above link for more information April.

Lunar Impact Images and resources

Congratulations Raffaello Lena - Asteroid 102224 Raffaellolena (1999 TG12) has been named in recognition of his contribution to lunar studies, by Stefano Sposetti April! Citation reads: “Raffaello Lena (b. 1959) is an Italian lunar observer. He founded Selenology Today, a journal that has produced high quality amateur lunar studies April. He is the Lunar Domes Coordinator of the British Astronomical Association” April.

Comet Pan Starrs
Comet Pan Starrs March 22, 2013

Image of Comet 73p Schwassmann-Wachmann
Comet 73p Schwassmann-Wachmann
Fragment B; May 10, 2006  images...

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